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How to hack a phone number with just the number

Can I hack a phone using a phone number

There are many people who ask whether it is possible to hack a smartphone with just phone number. The answer is YES and today there are various spy apps built to support hacking via phone number. So, if you have the phone number of your friend you can hack their phone and they will not know about it. It sounds fun but hacking is not a fun activity.

Can I hack a phone using a phone number
Can I hack a phone using a phone number

Hacking is done today, not for fun but to protect kids or family members from online threats. Today many people make use of Smartphone and with the internet connection; one can easily make online purchases, study and even chat with people. You might have heard of cases of suicide because of online games, or gaming apps. All these are online threats and we don’t know what our family members are doing on their phone which poses all these risks.

However, if you hack the phone of your family members or spy on their phone then you can save them from online threats or take the necessary step to stop them from falling in such traps. So, how to hack a Smartphone device with just a phone number?

MobilePhoneTracker – Best way to hack a phone number with just the number

MobilePhoneTracker - Best way to hack a phone number with just the number
MobilePhoneTracker – Best way to hack a phone number with just the number

MobilePhoneTracker is a spy app which lets you spy or hacks a phone using the phone number. This app is available to download at This app allows you to spy on multiple devices at a time and using it is very easy. You need to download and install the software on your device. Make a user account for this you have to go to its sign-in page and sign up using a name, Email address, and password. Log in using ID and password you created. Now enter the phone number of the target device which you need to hack. Submit all the details you filled and wait until you receive a notification saying “device is hacked successfully.”

Now subscribe to MobilePhoneTracker to use its features. You are offered a number of features but you can take package having only features which you require. In this way, you have to pay the cost of only those features which you will be using.

Here is a list of MobilePhoneTracker features

Contact history spy– this feature lets the user see contact history of the target phone. You can see whom all people target a person called in a day and at what time he made the call. Also, you can see missed calls, incoming call list of the target phone.

Call recording– this app has automatic call recorder which records call and send it to control panel. From the control panel, the user can listen to the call recording anytime. Also, user if wants to save the recording to their mobile then they can download it.

Photos/videos– this feature lets you view all photos/ videos captures, downloaded or taken from other sources into the target device. You can save it to your phone as well. Also, you can see the deleted pictures and videos using this spy app.

Browser history spy– to know what target person is surfing on the internet you can make use of this feature. This feature record browser history and lets you see links and URLs visited by the target person on his phone. You can also block those URLs which are harmful and target person can never access it.

App blocking– if you wish to block some apps installed on target device like the game apps, dating apps, etc then you can use this feature. Once, the app is blocked target person can never get access to it again until you unblock it.

Key logger– for recording all the passwords and patterns of the target device you can use Key logger. Key logger records the keystrokes typed in by the person on his phone and as soon as the password is recorded it is sent to control panel.

Social media account spy- Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and other social media app which is used by the target phone can be hacked using this feature. Using this feature you can see the social media activity of the person. You can record their chats, shared media, searched content, etc.

GPS tracker– using GPS tracker you can see the live location of a target phone. You can see where target phone was in the past and where they are now and where are they moving next.


All the recorded content is available in the control panel to view. You can access the control panel only when have good internet connection and speed. You can sort out all real-life issues using MobilePhoneTracker.

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